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Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator

Michael Hayes is a family law barrister and arbitrator with over 20 years specialist family law experience. He is based in 5 Pump Court Chambers, London. Michael worked as a solicitor from 1996 and then as a barrister from 2016.

Michael trained as a collaborative lawyer in 2008, and was one of the first lawyers to qualify as a family arbitrator in 2012.

He is authorised to accept instructions under the ‘Direct Access’ scheme.

Michael has a vast experience in dealing with a huge cross section of family law matters with a particular emphasis on matrimonial finance claims, including high value financial claims and disputes involving business assets and companies.

Solicitors, barristers, collaborative lawyers and arbitrators have different legal experience and expertise.

Barristers generally spend most of their time in court acting as advocates, preparing for their next case or advising on complex legal issues. Barristers are expert advocates, and because they are responsible for presenting the case to the court they are experts in the finer points of the law that relates to their practise area.

Solicitors spend much of their time dealing with the general management of cases. Solicitors ensure that the necessary evidence is compiled, that increasingly complex court rules are complied with and provide clients with ongoing advice and support.

Collaborative lawyers – who can be either solicitors or barristers – meet with the parties to a dispute (financial or children) in a series of round-table meeting meetings. The emphasis is on resolving disputes without matters having to be referred to court. Occasionally support from third party professionals (such as financial advisers or family consultants) is used to facilitate discussions and help parties reach agreements.

Arbitrators do not advise parties in a dispute. Their role is to decide the final outcome (in the same way that a judge does at court) in the event that the parties are unable to reach agreement themselves. In 2012 Michael was one of the first lawyers to qualify as a family law arbitrator. Family arbitration is a new form of dispute resolution for family law cases and which enables couples to appoint their own chosen arbitrator to deal with their cases in a much quicker time frame than the traditional court process.

Because Michael has considerable experience working all these areas he has the skills to represent clients in court, advise them on the law, to help them to manage the day to day running of their case and to support and assist them in reaching agreements.

Michael has a reputation for being tough in court whilst still appreciating that his clients need support and understanding at a difficult time in their lives.

Michael is a member of the Family Law Bar Association (which is the specialist Bar Association for family barristers). As a solicitor he was accredited by the SRA under the Family Law Accreditation Scheme, and also by ‘Resolution’ in the areas of Advanced Financial Provision and Co-habitation, and regularly advised unmarried couples concerning both pre-marital (pre and post nuptial deeds), as well as separation issues. He is also an expert on advising same-sex couples on the dissolution of civil partnerships.

Michael regularly deals with jurisdictional issues, and cases involving an international element. As a former chairman of the ‘Eurojuris’ Family Law & Succession group he has established connections with a number of european and international lawyers who are able to provide assistance if and when required.

As an advocate Michael regularly represents clients in family courts nationwide.

Michael also speaks some French and enjoys travel, the theatre and photography.





  • Called to the Bar in 2016
  • Admitted as a Solicitor in 1996
  • Family Law Arbitrator
  • Collaborative Practitioner
  • LLB (Hons)
  • MCIArb


  • Family Law Arbitration
  • Divorce and separation
  • Civil Partnership dissolution
  • Financial cases, including high net value cases and cases with an international element.
  • Injunctions to prevent dealings/disposals of assets in financial cases
  • Co-habitation disputes
  • Children Act work, including cases with an international dimension
  • Surrogacy & Adoption
  • Co-habitation, Separation, Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial deeds
  • Collaborative law
  • ‘Direct Access’ Practice



Michael is ranked in Tier 3 for Family/Matrimonial (Kent) in Chambers UK 2016.

Michael Hayes is a collaborative lawyer and qualified arbitrator. He provides specialist advice to unmarried and same-sex couples on issues including surrogacy and paternity. He draws acclaim for his attention to detail as well as for his efficient but sensitive approach to matters.” – Chambers UK 2016

Michael Hayes is respected for his work in a variety of issues, including private law children matters, matrimonial finance and cohabitation matters. He is a qualified arbitrator and is recognised for his capabilities in ADR.”Chambers UK 2015

Michael Hayes has a particular focus on providing specialist advice to unmarried and same-sex couples, including the dissolution of civil partnerships and surrogacy issues. He is also qualified in collaborative law and family law arbitration. Sources admire his ability to “make clients feel at ease”. – Chambers UK 2014


Michael was ranked as a Leading Individual in The Legal 500 UK 2014

Michael was described as ‘highly professional’The Legal 500 UK 2014

Recent matters include

  • Acting as an arbitrator for a separated couple in financial remedy proceedings.
  • Acting for a husband in complex financial remedy proceedings, which included property and assets held in Hong Kong and China.
  • Representing a husband in the collaborative law process, which included property and assets held in Brazil.
  • Representing a wife in complex financial proceedings which included family businesses.
  • Representing a husband in proceedings which included overseas trust assets valued in excess of £10 million.
  • Acting in financial remedy cases dealing with armed services pensions and police pensions.
  • Acting for a cohabitant in securing a financial interest in a property held in the sole name of the client’s partner.
  • Acting for parties in numerous cases (both financial and concerning children) under the collaborative law process.
  • Representing a father in connection with contested contact proceedings, where the child is based in Switzerland.
  • Advising a mother in her application for permission to remove the children to live in Sweden.
  • Acting for a father in a private law children case and securing a Residence Order in his favour after the mother had sought to stop contact between him and his daughter.


For more information please contact Michael on 020 7353 2532 or email him at:  mail@michaelhayes.co.uk

Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator

Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator Family Law Barrister and Arbitrator


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