As a specialist family lawyer with over 20 years experience I have a huge experience in negotiating settlements on behalf of clients.

Very often parties do not want to face the prospect of embarking on Court proceedings to resolve their matter. Perhaps there are only a couple of issues to resolve, which would make the costs of going to Court prohibitive.

Many family law cases can be resolved through constructive negotiations. However, many clients have told me that they do not feel able to negotiate themselves for a number of reasons. They feel that they may ‘crumble’ under pressure; or they may not know whether the other side has taken advantage of a situation; or how to deal with a situation if the other party fails to negotiate in good faith; or what information they should be asking for.  In a lot of cases many people simply don’t know whether what they are trying to negotiate is reasonable or not! Many people find it beneficial to have an expert in negotiation to help them get things right.

I have conducted many negotiations on behalf of clients.

I appreciate and understand that embarking on a negotiation yourself (particularly if the other party is legally represented) can be extremely daunting and intimidating. You may therefore benefit from having the assistance of an expert in negotiation to deal with those concerns mentioned above.

I can assist you and represent you within any negotiations. I have the experience to ensure that all necessary information, documentation and financial disclosure (if necessary) is obtained. This will ensure that you can negotiate properly. I will be conduct negotiations forcefully, but respectfully, dealing with the matter in your best interests at all times.

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