Many alternative methods of resolving family law issues are available, and like many other lawyers who deal with family law work I am committed to assisting clients resolve their issues in as least a hostile way possible, but the reality is that there may be times when the best way of securing a fair outcome to a case is though the Court or the Arbitration process, which of course can be an extremely daunting and off-putting prospect for may people, in which case you would benefit from being assisted by an experienced advocate who will be able to represent your interests in the most effective way. If one or other party is not prepared to negotiate in good faith, or is not prepared to give full and frank disclosure about their financial position, it may be that court intervention is necessary to ensure that all the relevant information is made available.

There are often urgent issues to be considered by a judge or arbitrator. For example, action might need to be taken to preserve or recover matrimonial assets, or to protect the welfare of the parties or their children. One or other party may be dragging their feet, so a timetable fixed by a judge or arbitrator is beneficial to make sure that the case moves forward within a reasonable timescale. Sometimes, people simply cannot agree what is fair, and they need an impartial decision to conclude the case.

I understand that clients can find the prospect of court or arbitration proceedings daunting. If court or arbitration proceedings are necessary, it is essential that you feel confident that your case is being prepared efficiently and thoroughly, and that you are properly represented in any proceedings. I do my best to minimise the stress involved for you by ensuring that I deal with all letters and telephone calls promptly, and that all the required documentation is prepared well in advance, without last minute panics or pressures. I also ensure that you know exactly what procedure you can expect at the court or arbitration hearing.

At court, I will ensure that you are ably represented. Being a barrister you can be reassured that you will be represented by a specialist family law advocate. I have had over 20 years experience representing clients in court proceedings, and latterly in arbitration proceedings.

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